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Boosting your business online presence and customer sales through the help of our expert digital media marketingReach more potential clients through our expert social media savvy personnel,we will help you to connect to a wider audience in your area.Social media is a great place to target a specific age group or targeted group of people. Today, online advertising companies are directing their advertising campaigns for clients at social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. These sites attract millions of people from around the world daily. Therefore, there is tremendous interest using this as a marketing method. Facebook allows marketers to target a specific group of people by age, location, interest, or even gender. Youtube offers advertisers various promotion plans. Twitter also allows ad placement on Twitter feeds.

Media Marketing

Streamline your social media network pages to attract more local and relevant target audience for your website and business every online advertising company has their own set of rules about advertising their client’s business to the online world. However, most of them rely on the outlets that attract the most people. 

Facebook Ad Optimization

Attract more local clients to your website and online pages by optimizing your page to be on top of the search engines Online display advertising was one of the first ways incorporated by online marketers and online advertising companies to promote their products, services, or company. 

Social Video Branding

Increase your website’s customer engagement through the help of Video branding and social sharing. Giving you more exposure to a broader market. Video marketing is a major way to engage with your audience. 

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Reach more potential clients through our expert social media savvy personnel, we will help you to connect to wider audience in your area or outside. Media Marketing Streamline your social media network pages to attract more local and relevant target audience for your website and business Search Engine Optimization Increase your website traffic with the right keywords that will bring you organic traffic from google, yahoo and bing.

Digital Media Specialist

The first thing I need to do is identify who is target audience are. I did this by creating a ‘Buyer Persona’. This is basically answering key questions that involve where they are or aren’t located, their age, their gender, annual income, job status, education level, interests, buyer motivations and buyer concerns among others. I either can use his current mailing list and send out a survey to gather this info (offer an incentive) or I can use his mailing list to create a Custom Audience on FB.od

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Rich Wave Media specialize in helping Plastic Surgeon | Cosmetic Surgeon | Med Spas | Salons | Dermatologist who struggle to find ways to get New Patients from the internet with our unparalleled experience and expertise in Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Rich wave media provides result-driven search engine optimization, detailed competition analysis, comprehensive website analytical reports and fast keyword search returns. With our online marketing and ranking experts providing exceptional service to our clients all over the world yielding positive results and great traffic. Our years of experience in the Social Media and SEO industry coupled with our excellent service have made us one of the best Branding Agencies in the market

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Email marketing using Social Media is still alive and kicking. It has not slowly dissolved and disappeared as some marketers would have you believe. Email marketing is still a very direct way to contact a targeted customer. However, there are a number of rules and regulations that severely limit the way that email marketers are able to contact their targeted audience.